About Us

Patriot Bank is dedicated to bringing back the essential and fundamental principles that uphold the very foundation of banking integrity, honesty, dependability and a collective resolve to serve our community.

Patriot Bank takes its name from those colonists who, in July 1776, declared the United States of America an independent nation. As a group, Patriots were comprised of men and women representing the full array of social, economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. An inherent component of being a Patriot was the individual responsibility to fellow citizens. That same devotion and commitment to ones community and its residents is the foundation from which we will build this bank.

Each transaction you conduct with us will go beyond just dollars and cents. From our first handshake, it is our intent to create an overall experience that lets you know you dont just have a bank you 
have a financial advocate, a trusted advisor, a friend who really cares.

Its really all about relationships, and that translates into having decisions made promptly 
on site, with products and services customized for your business or personal finances. 

In essence, were here for you.